Five Things You Can Do to Manifest the Life You Want to Live

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1. Lose the idea of the "perfect" life

The first thing that you should you do to manifest your dream life is the lose the idea of perfection. When you begin to chase perfection, you get easily discouraged and burned out when you realize that you will never be able to get it. Instead of working towards a perfect life, work towards a purposeful, powerful, and positive life. This means that your life will always have meaning. This means that even when things don't go your way or times get hard, you know how to remain positive or see the bright side in any situation. This allows for things to happen in your life (which you can't escape, even in your dream life) without you feeling like everything is falling apart. 

2. Focus on things that you already have that you're grateful for

At the end of every month I do a weekly wrap up post here on the blog. In that blog post, I reflect on the previous month and also state some of the things that I'm grateful for. It is so easy to get caught up in what we want our future to hold that we gloss right over every amazing thing going on in our lives right now. Don't miss out on your current blessings by longing for your future ones. 


3. Break down long term goals into short term goals and identify steps you can take each week

Believing that you can live the life that you want is the first step, but there is no way that it can happen without actually putting forth the effort to get there. That's why it's so important to write down your long term goals and aspirations and then break them down into short term goals. This is essential because you can easily get discouraged when it feels like your long term goals are out of reach. Having shorter goals (30, 60, 90 days) gives you the ability to actually see your results and feel like you're actually progressing towards living the life that you dream of. 

If you need help with this step, I suggest using the Goal Getter Workbook that I created a few months ago.   With this workbook you will complete a brain dump of where you would like to be in a year. Then you will create twelve short term goals that you can achieve each month, and you will also break those down even further into weekly goals. Each month you will review your progress and see if you need to reassess or reset your goals (more about this in #5). You can download the workbook by clicking the button below.

4. Be more conscious about the things that you're wasting your time on

If you're going to achieve any of the goals that you set in step #3, it is a must that you be conscious of how you're spending your time and more importantly, you have to stop wasting time. If you're serious about waking up to the life that you've always wanted to live, you have to get serious about where and who you're giving your time. This can include people, relationships, friendships, business endeavors that aren't giving you a great return, etc. If you are putting time and energy into something that is not giving you a profit (doesn't have to be monetary either), you need to reevaluate where your time is going. Now I want to be clear that you don't have to go to the extreme and cut off all of your friends and extracurricular activities in order to focus solely on your goals. For most people, that's just simply unrealistic. I am saying, however, that it's important to set up boundaries and know when to say "no" to things that are hindering you more than they are benefiting you. 

5. Reevaluate constantly

Manifesting the life you want to live is about believing, speaking to your situation, and then doing the work to create it. As I stated in #3, you need to create goals or milestones that you can reach that will show you your progress. However, it doesn't stop at just setting the goals and moving on. This is why so many New Years Resolutions are never completed. You have to constantly reassess, review, and reset your goals when necessary. We have to learn how to be okay with dropping goals that no longer fit our lifestyle and not feeling like a failure because of it. Things happen and things will change as you begin to press towards your dream life. A lot of times you will discover that what you thought you wanted is not at all what you want, or what God wants for you. How does that saying go? Be careful what you wish for! In this situation, understand that the life you want to live might require great sacrifice. Nothing worth having will come easy, and if you get something fast you can lose it even quicker. 


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