Monthly Wrap Up - June


We are officially halfway through the year! These past few months have flown by and this year has honestly been nothing short of amazing. I am so grateful for every opportunity and the work that God has continue to do in me over the past six months.

June Gratitude

1. I am grateful for everyone who has purchased the GROW Devotional Journal! I didn't meet my initial first week goal but there has been a surge of support these past few weeks and I was able to meet my monthly sales goal!

2. I am grateful that God continues to place people and things in my life right where and when I need them. Signs and confirmations were everywhere this month and I really needed that!

3. I am grateful for my church. I am grateful for a pastor that leads with integrity. I am grateful for a congregation that knows the meaning of being a village. I am grateful for the people who have poured into me ever since I was baby. Mt. Zion will always and forever be my church home.

June Reflection

June was an interesting month for me. On June 1st I released my first journal to the public and I had no clue what to expect. I knew what God promised me, but I wasn't sure how He would make something so big happen through someone so small like me. Throughout this month I've really had to trust God to manifest something through me, even when I felt like I wasn't qualified. There were moments when I felt lost and confused, but I continued to trust God because I knew that He doesn't lie. I also took a week off from blogging and creating. I had to do this because there comes a time when you have to be still and allow God to fill you up, before you can start pouring into other people again. Overall, it was a great month for the blog and a great month for my life!

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New on the Blog

Freebies Page - if you haven't noticed, there is now a free resource library on the blog that contains devotionals, worksheets, and workbooks. The newest addition to the library is the Goal Getter Workbook, which is a 40+ page pdf designed to help you reach your goals quickly and effectively. The Free Resource Library is password protected, but you can receive the password by signing up for the newsletter below!

Group Chat - I have also created a new Facebook Group, Women in Pursuit of Purpose. My vision for the group is an environment where women from all walks of life uplift, motivate, and inspire each other to walk in their purpose and be the best woman that they can be. If you're interested in joining the group chat, click here! Every morning I will send a motivational quote, intentional living tip, or share a motivational video. It will also be a place to network and build connections with other women. Feel free to share with any women that you think will benefit from it.