Monthly Wrap Up - April

 Photo by  Morvanic Lee  on  Unsplash

Photo by Morvanic Lee on Unsplash

One of the things that I want to work on this year is focusing more on what I have than what I lack. I want to be more appreciative of the things that I have been blessed with instead of taking it for granted. Everyday in my journal I try to write three things that I am grateful for. They aren't always huge. Sometimes I write that I'm just grateful for warm weather, and other days I've written how grateful I am for my support system. I've decided that for the rest of this year I will write a post about the things that I am grateful for each month and even add a little bit of self-reflection.

April Gratitude

1. I am grateful that God thinks enough of me to trust me with His vision for my life.

2. I am grateful that I am now able to see and ACCEPT my own flaws and that I have the willingness to change.

3. I am grateful that God is removing people who no longer fit into my life and is adding people who will pour into me and not drain me. 

April Reflection

April was an interesting month for me. Now that I try to think back on it, I honestly think that I just went through the motions. It wasn't a terrible month, but it wasn't the best either. I do know that I slacked off in school and did the bare minimum. I'm just going to blame that on the Junioritis (is that a thing?). On the other hand, I feel like God has been revealing a lot to me about things that I need to work on if I actually want to receive the things that I've prayed for. I don't want my attitude, stubbornness, or pride to get in the way of the things that I've been wanting to happen in my life. 

So that's all for the month of April!

What is one thing that you were grateful for this past month?