My Year of Hustle


What would happen if you went hard in your business/on your blog/in school for one year?

Have you ever had a dream, vision, or goal that's scared you? I have recently, but I've decided to share it on the blog with the hopes that it helps someone else. My biggest goal for the next year is to graduate from college and not HAVE to get a job immediately. Now, of course, if an amazing opportunity comes along that I can't pass up, then I would take it. But what would my life look like if I was able to graduate from college and focus solely on growing my business? That is what I'm after.

I graduate from college in 2019. I'm giving myself one year - one year to prove that I can give this business my all. From June of this year to June of 2019, I am putting all of my energy, time, and resources into Planted in Purpose. I want to take this platform to a place where it is touching thousands of lives, and through that my life is taken care of as well. I strongly believe that God always gives provision when you're walking in your purpose. 

So what does achievement of this goal look like?

I would like to be able to provide for myself with the income from my blog meaning paying for housing, food, and other bills. I would also like to be able to pay off my student loan debt with the income from Planted in Purpose. Those are just a few of things that I see being possible.

Now this isn't going to be easy! Planted in Purpose is only one month old at this point. However, I know that this is what I've been called to do. I know that as long as I stay in alignment with God and continue to stay partnered with Him, I cannot fail. Even if I don't reach my goal, and I have to get a job out of college, it's really not the end of the world. I know that it is all part of God's plan for my life.

So how do I plan for and stay motivated to achieve a huge goal like this?

I've created a workbook to help me do it. The Goal Getter Workbook helps you to achieve your goals quickly and effectively. This workbook is designed to help you gain clarity on what you want your life to look like in one year. It also helps you to break down goals that seem impossible, into goals that are in reach. In this workbook you start by doing a brain dump. This means writing down exactly how you want your life to look in one year. Next you take your brain dump, and you create 12 goals from it - one goal for each month. So for example, some of my goals might be creating a marketing strategy for my blog, creating more products to sell, becoming a vendor to get my products before more people, etc. All of these things contribute to my overall goal.


Next, you'll take each goal and make sure it's a S.M.A.R.T. goal. Is it specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-oriented? Creating S.M.A.R.T. goals is important because we don't want to waste any time this year on goals that we cannot achieve. Lastly, you'll break each goal into four goals that you can do each week. For example, if my goal for the month is to create more products to sell, my four micro-goals might be as follows:

  • Week One - Ask my audience what type of journals they typically use, or what things they're struggling with that I can write devotions for
  • Week Two - Brainstorm ideas BASED on my audience's replies
  • Week Three - Start creating new products
  • Week Four - Get feedback from audience members or others that you trust

Lastly, but most importantly, you have to check yourself. Each month you're going to evaluate yourself and your progress. Did you complete each weekly goal? Did that allow you to complete your monthly goal? Are you still on track to reach your yearly goals? And if not, do you need to reevaluate?

You can grab your Goal Getter Workbook for free below OR you can head over to the shop and purchase the workbook binder.