Five Amazing Podcasts for Women by Women

 Photo courtesy of CreateHer Stock

Photo courtesy of CreateHer Stock

For the busy, on-the-go woman, podcasts are an amazing way to get information without having to sit at a laptop or hold your phone in your hand. I often listen to podcasts while I'm driving, walking to and from classes, or in the shower. 

For those of you who may not know, a podcast is sort of like an internet radio show. It's just not live. A person will record themselves, and sometimes guests, talking about a certain topic and then upload it to iTunes, Soundcloud, and other media sites. You can find a podcast for almost any topic such as gardening, sports, or business. Today I decided to share some of my favorite podcasts with you.

My Top Five Favorite Podcasts

1. Women Evolve 

This podcast was created by the amazing Sarah Jakes Roberts. She is a best-selling author, pastor, mother, and wonder woman. Sarah created this podcast in order to discuss hot topics in media and culture, but in a spiritual way. She has topics such as Rescue Eve, where she tries to show a little bit of grace to someone who might be getting dragged on social media. She also does Hail Mary, where she recognizes amazing women doing amazing things. My favorite part of the show is the 99+, where she gives advice to people who've slid in her DMs. If you want to listen to a podcast where you feel like you're sitting down with your favorite auntie, cousin, or sister, this podcast is definitely for you!

2. The Potter's House at One LA Podcast

My next favorite podcast is this one by The Potter's House at One LA. The Potter's House at One LA is pastored by Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts. It's not the typical podcast and I also don't think that it was solely created for women. However, I often watch their sermons on YouTube, and I really enjoy listening to them as podcasts because I don't have to hold my phone or make sure that the app stays open. I love being able to get the Word while I'm still doing things that I need to do. If you like Bible based, authentic, and real preaching, then you would definitely enjoy this podcast!

3. Enjoying Everyday Life

Another one of my favorite podcasts is Enjoying Everyday Life by Joyce Meyer. Like the one above, it's not the typical podcast. It is Joyce Meyer's sermons in audio form. Similarly, I like this podcast because I can get my Word on the go. I also love how real and honest Joyce Meyer is in her teaching. If you love Joyce Meyer's books or bible studies, then I recommend you check out this one! 

4. The Living Over Existing Podcast

My next favorite is the Living Over Existing podcast by Alisha Nicole. Alisha Nicole is an author, business coach, and founder of the brand Living Over Existing. In this podcast, she interviews other powerful women such as Stacey Ferguson, Ashley Sutton, and Tiphani Montgomery. She talks about her experience writing her first two books, how to make your faith a part of your brand, pursuing a career as a full time writer, and creating opportunities for yourself. I love this podcast because it allows me to see multiple women, that I might have never discovered on my own, living the life that they dreamed of. I get to see real woman who put in real work. 

5. Girl Be Free Podcast

My fifth favorite podcast is the Girl Be Free Podcast by Siobhan Sudberry. Siobhan Sudberry is creator of the BeFree Project, where she coaches women to create a life that feels good to them inside and out. In this podcast, she helps women "get unstuck and cultivate the life they want on their terms." Each week she talks about things such as what being free truly means, how to know you're stuck, and goal setting. I love this podcast because Siobhan is real, down to earth, and motivating. 

So these are all of my favorite podcasts at the moment. You can find all of these podcasts on the Apple podcast app or online. 

What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments!